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About Us: London’s Most Innovative Electric Motorbike Company

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn. Meet our Board of Experts.

Behind our ever-evolving fleet of electric motorcycles, mopeds and microcars is our board of experts. Obsessed with innovation and charged by passion, our team’s expertise and willingness to think outside the box has made Stirling Eco a leader in the electric revolution.


We’re Dedicated to Designing a Sustainable Future

Stirling Eco is the UK’s only fully electric motorcycle shop. Sustainability is at the heart of what we do. 
Our extensive research allows us to equip bikes with groundbreaking, planet-friendly technology that makes zero-carbon travel possible. 

With a Stirling Eco bike, you can enjoy guilt-free travel, safe in the knowledge that you’re not contributing any nasty carbon emissions to the air. Just charge up the battery and travel up to 60km on a single charge — safely, silently and sustainably. 
Our eco-friendly electric bikes are also incredibly cheap to run — they’re designed to be accessible and affordable for all riders because we’re committed to revolutionising urban travel. You can even trade-in your current vehicle to a petrol or diesel scrappage scheme to get a huge discount on your Stirling Eco bike.

We’re Leading the Charge in Electric Motorcycle Research and Development

We know the future is electric, but we’re not stopping there. We have a team of experts dedicated to research, development and innovation. 

We’re on a mission to change the way people travel. 
We work with the best and the brightest to relentlessly develop cutting edge technology and ensure Stirling Eco stays ahead of the competition in terms of value, performance and style. 
Our bikes are leading the electric revolution, and our fleet of electric motorcycles and mopeds is constantly growing and evolving. We’re even expanding to include microcars in our research and development efforts.


Meet the Team


Robert Grace

Founder & CEO


Anne Marie Bickerton

Art Director


Micky Alloway

Technical Director


Mike Levy

Sustainability & Compliance


Vanessa Brady

Founder – SBID


Peter Georgiopoulos

Director USA

mike stevens.jpeg

Mike Stevens

CEO – Grangewood Group


Paul Tanner

CEO – Alan Day VW UK 


Tony Nash


Try Urban Travel the Stirling Way. Reach Out to Our Team to Learn More

We don’t work with typical salespeople who pressure you with intimidating hard-sell tactics. Most of the time, our bikes do the talking.

But if you have any questions or want to learn more about Stirling Eco and our innovation efforts, our team are always happy to help. Every member of our team believes passionately that Stirling Eco is the future of urban travel, and when you’re ready to join the electric revolution, we’re here to help you get going.

Meet the Team
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