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  • Ordering and Customisation
    Pre-Ordering requires at least a 50% deposit of the invoice total. If you do decide to cancel your order we will charge 10% admin fee. There is a charge for registration with the DVLA as noted on the invoice. Should you wish to apply your own private registration, this can be done once first registration is completed. Any art bike requests can be submitted at the time of ordering or after.
  • Top Speed & Charge Type/Time & Miles Range
    Electro Ride X 30 mph restricted Electro Ride X Plus 2kw 30 mph restricted/4kw is 50 miles per hour restricted Mains or Type 2 charging Time 4 hours to charge Electro Ride X 39 miles Electro Ride X Plus 80 miles (both 2/4kw)
  • Insurance
    Motor insurance is required for use on public roads and like all motorcycles requires the use of a crash helmet.
  • Finance
  • What Licence do I need?
    You can ride our bikes on a provisional licence with CBT, or a full car licence issued before Feb 2001, or full bike licence.
  • Warranty
    12 months warranty with support from the Stirling Eco team and our maintenance partners - Go Green Motorcycles
  • Delivery
  • How to book a test ride?
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